Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! May your fruits and vegetables grow abundantly, may your soil be healthy, may you have good rains, may the pests be few and most of all, may you be blessed with good health and lots of love and happiness!

Obviously we slowed down a bit over the high days and holidays – and boy, did we have many of them! Christmas eve and Christmas day of course, then Neville (Patricia’s dad)’s birthday on boxing day, Scott’s 40th on the 30th and then old year / new year!

Fortunately we kicked the new year of with a nice little harvest from the garden!

New Year’s harvests – vegetables and berries


Things are growing fine…


Goals for this year, on a high level:

  • More “production” and less “maintenance”. We have a relatively large area we work, but still our yield is relatively low and sporadic – granted, some plants are still young.
  • Second generation planting at Dreamworld – this is a big one!
  • Furthering my “career” in this area.
  • Learning more and more! And applying what’s relevant.
  • And on a personal note – get more sleep, try and get surfing back on my previous level again, doing more special things with the kids and praying for a health recovery.
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