Grow Wild organic vegetables in Scotland

Greetings from Scotland! (in a deep heavy Scottish accent) I thought I would only start blogging about our travels once we get to some farm stays later on in our journey, after we’ve done the more touristy things first – hence I had a couple of posts saved up. But sometimes life takes you down some fun and interesting unplanned little winding countryside roads.

We had just explored the castle and cathedral in Linlithgow, just outside Edinburgh, when we saw a sign for organic vegetables. As we were on our way to a self-catering lodge in the Highlands, we instantly decided it will be a good thing to stock up on some healthy fresh food after having enjoyed the eateries in Edinburgh for a few days – where we discovered a few little gems too (and more castles and cathedrals).

So down the winding little country road we went! Most beautiful countryside scenery.

Overview with tractor

Countryside view from the fields

The moment you step out at the Grow Wild farm in Bonnytoun, you get this amazing feeling that this is a “real” farm, with lots of hard work going on, but with such a friendly loving earthy spirit. We unknowingly gate crashed, as they weren’t officially open to public on the day we just arrived unannounced, but they received us with such wide open arms.

I never asked the farmer’s name – really bad manners on my part, but we were so wrapped up in the discussion from the start. From the description on their website, it must be Ben Cadell. He was so accommodating on their work day – where they seriously had to get seedlings in the ground as here in Scotland they have a really short growing season. We had such a nice yarn about organics, soil conditioning, their approach, cover crops, the effects of the seasons, and as you always seem to do – about the weather and its joint blessings and challenges. Whereas we battle with a long dry summer, these guys get so much rain that they often can’t even get into their fields, as it becomes too soggy. It’s so nice to share time with a kindred spirit and learn from their experiences and wisdom.

I didn’t take photos of equipment, but interestingly they also use collinear hoes, as we learnt in our market gardening course on almost the exact opposite side of the earth. Ben also showed us their finger hoes, which almost look like sunflowers, with which he has a great success weeding between the vegetables.

Ben showed us where to go and look at their growth tunnels, the new seedlings in the fields, their apple orchard and more.

Their young apples are about two years ahead of ours, so we also had a good chat about that magic season when the apples just start exploding into production.

Apple orchard and horses

Apple orchard and horses

We left with a huge vegetable box, which David Rowland in the vegetable packing shed put together for us, together with some other organic supplies that they also stock. It’s so great to smell and taste fresh organic vegetables!

If ever you’re in the Edinburgh or Linlithgow area, remember to look up Wild Grow – highly recommended.

Having fun under the old oak tree

Under the oak tree.
The leaves all russtle and the branches sway
Rabbits hop and squirrels play
And there we like to sit all day
Under the old oak tree.

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  1. janesmudgeegarden // June 28, 2018 at 5:54 pm // Reply

    Wow, a most productive farm and a very interesting visit for you. I look forward to more Scottish posts…a beautiful country btw.

  2. Fab that you are able to make connections and share techniques from two sides of the globe!

  3. Hi there
    It was indeed Ben Cadell at the farm.
    So glad you enjoyed your time on your travels. We do love meeting like minded folks, so ben loved showing you around and talking all things veg, fruit, farming and sustainability!!!

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