A is for Artichoke also

A while ago I wrote a post about how we moved the artichokes from the vegetable beds to the citrus “orchard”, a) because we needed the space in the vegetable beds, and b), because they are supposedly good companion plants for citrus trees. Unfortunately I can’t report any significant improvements in the citrus, but the move surely suited the artichokes well!

Even more recently I wrote a piece titled “A is for Asparagus”, which related a little story about preparing our Asparagus beds. However, I have now made the executive call to “repurpose” the “alphabet soup posts” to report some of our harvests and what we do with them. And no, I’m not going to change the “A is for Asparagus” post… it is what it is (smiley face).  But I’m very happy to report that the Asparagus has been pushing some really nice thick fresh shoots through, which we have been thoroughly enjoying. Yay for our own compost working! (real big smiley face)

OK, focus…. Back to artichokes. Since spring had started, we have harvested easily 35 – 40 artichokes, and we’ve given another 6 to our neighbours, and the plants are still in full bloom. But it’s a bit of a funny thing around here, not many people like them, I guess because it takes a bit to prepare and eat them.

However, we love them! Patricia steams the arties and then toasts them with olive oil for a few minutes. Sometimes she cuts them in a fancy way first – in quarters, then she removes the outer leaves and the hair and then she trims the tops – before she steams them.

Arti - dished

Dinner is served

It’s interesting, we’re a bit divided about who likes which bits. Me, the little lass and a certain young Elvis impersonator prefer slipping off the little tasty bits at the end of the leaves. Elvis only goes for the big leaves though… Patricia, on the other hand, goes straight for the kill – the heart is her thing. Good balanced polishing of arties happening at Homeland!

Of course the dish generates a lot of soft leaves which just goes straight back to the compost heaps. Productivity and Energy Conservation principles, thank you Mr Mollison.

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  1. Wow they look great..as you know very scarce back here and quite expensive…Enjoy

  2. They are a bit fiddly to eat, but that’s definitely part of the fun. I’ve got some blanched in the freezer – grown in the polytunnel here, they havn’t flowered yet outside though I’m still hopeful. We have them as a starter at Xmas dipped in butter!

  3. janesmudgeegarden // October 26, 2018 at 10:55 am // Reply

    Oh, marinated artichoke hearts- a lot of work, but delicious.

  4. Castroville, the Artichoke Capital of the World, is just south of hear, just past the Strawberry Capital of the World, but before the Lettuce Capital of the World!

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