B is for beetroot

I would have to look it up in a very lengthy spreadsheet, but somewhere in autumn we sowed a lot of beetroot seeds in beds V and W at homeland. Well those guys are now ripening so fast we cannot keep up. And there are more over in Dreamland’s no-dig beds, also ripening without brakes.

Currently, we are enjoying a lot of roasted vegetables with our dinners, and yes, you guessed it – the most consistent component of these roasts are…. super-sweet beetroot. Some days we get them steamed too. They are so sweet!

I guess it’s that sweetness that gave Patricia her next brain wave. She made a “red velvet” bake from the beetroot, together with blood orange and full Greek yogurt. She also used a few other ingredients like organic butter, coconut oil, cacao butter, free range eggs, unrefined unbleached organic white flour and Cossman & Webb pure maple syrup. We get the maple syrup from my good friend and sometimes surfing buddy (if I can raise him early enough for a dawnie) Scott at Woodsmoke Gourmet.

Like all Patricia’s deserts, this “red velvet” is as healthy as… mate, you can eat it for your daily medication! And it is also, like all Patricia’s impromptu desert creations, deliciously yummy.

Beetroot yogurt cake

Funny thing though, although the kids mostly eat most of their vegetables, especially if they’re sold with the “it’s from our garden” label, and mostly they love her deserts too… but this one didn’t fly for them. Not at all. Oh well, who’s complaining? More for me and mommy!


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18 Comments on B is for beetroot

  1. Wow, creative lady Patricia is!

  2. I always thought B stands for BRAVE…be very Brave!! That cake looks real yummy!!

  3. janesmudgeegarden // November 1, 2018 at 7:27 pm // Reply

    Well, I think the dessert looks delicious…such innovation is to be admired.

  4. My children have always given me a stern look if I have suggested any baking with beetroot. They are still getting over the chocolate and avocado cheesecake! 😂

  5. Lekker! Ons het self n klomp beet wat nou ryp word 🙂

  6. Andre Costerus // November 2, 2018 at 6:03 am // Reply

    Lekker! Ons het ook laasweek ons eerste beet geoes

  7. Chocolate beetroot cakes are also great – be sure to use a fine grater for the beet though. That velvet bake looks almost too pretty to actually eat!

  8. That looks way too fancy for beet. They are such excellent vegetables that they do not need any help. I happen to like them pickled best, and can eat more than a serving of vegetables as pickled beets. I know it is probably not the healthiest way to eat them, but it is my favorite.

  9. I do envy you being able to grow beetroot. How marvellous that you’re getting such a big crop!

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