Merry Christmas

I wasn't going to post something over Christmas, as it was kind of a blur of prepping, eating, presents, eating, cleaning, more eating, more presents, and so on - and I thought that hadn't all that much to do with the story on the blog. But it's weird, how some surprises just come your way at the most amazing time!

So on Christmas day, after a lovely service at our local church, we set of for lunch-tea-dinner (all combined) with good friends of ours, Scott and Bron, together with their family. I noticed this weird large wrapped shape tied to their washing line extension pole, and asked what it was. Scott sort-of evaded the question, mumbled something about “will see later…” and promptly put a cold one in my grubby little paws and steered the conversation to “have you had any surf lately?”

Hours and much food later, it was time for presents, as we waited for dessert to finish doing whatever it was doing (a delicious plum pudding with original sixpence coins baked in.) So I get handed “part 1”, a bag with a lady’s hat and some old misfitting and totally uncoordinated clothes. My initial thoughts were it must be about some fancy dress thing we didn’t yet know about… but then I was promptly led to “part 2” – the weird wrapped shape outside…

Voila! Meet Sticky Stevie the Surfer. Scott got all the wood and assembled the whole thing, apparently still sawing bits and pieces late into Christmas eve. Note the detail of the hands, the pose and the surfboard with swallow tail, leg rope and all! (At the time Stevie was naked…)

Xmas - Stevie

Well, back at home, our small little apricot tree is showing good signs of bearing its first apricots, so Sticky Steve, now dressed and ready to go to the beach, has a very precious load to protect. (I was going to stitch the clothes back onto him, but quickly realised a staple gun does the job must easier – and much faster! Anyone got any clothes that need a quick repair?) We’re still debating whether the board must be covered with old white sheet, white bandage or not – maybe it will stand out as a board more, or maybe it will hide too much of the detail. What does the jury think?

Xmas - couch

So from the couch – hope you have been blessed with a Merry Christmas with family, friends and loved ones!



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8 Comments on Merry Christmas

  1. Belated Merry Christmas 😊

  2. 🙂 same to you guys Martin… All the best from a windy hot Cape Town 🙂

  3. Belated Merry Christmas! My vote goes for part wrapped board – like a stripe across. I’m hoping for my first apricot flowers this year – in the polytunnel. Good luck with your fruit!

    • // January 4, 2019 at 3:36 pm // Reply

      Thank you! How big is your polytunnel if you grow apricots in there?

      • It’s 16 ft wide, about 8 ft (maybe a little more?) high. I must admit the tree is growing a bit more vigorously than I was expecting, but I’m hoping it will not outgrow the tunnel too quickly. It’s only two years old as yet and I am training it as a free standing fan, that’s the plan anyhow!

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