P is for Pomegranate

We took these photos a few weeks ago, but between all the projects, events, distractions and glorious rain, it slipped on the “publishing schedule”. As if I have a schedule… Anyway, we had some nice pomegranates this past autumn. We didn’t harvest tons of them this year, but a fair harvest for our own use.

So, according to the useful temperate plants database, Pomegranate (Punica granatum) is a deep-rooted but slow-growing, spiny, deciduous shrub or small tree that has an open canopy and a crown that branches from low down. It can reach a height of around 5 metres. A multipurpose tree, it is particularly valued for its edible fruit, but also has medicinal properties, is a good source of tannins and has many agroforestry applications.

So ours don’t grow that slow – they seem to grow faster than the feijoas and the citrus. Right now our biggest one is only a tad smaller than 2 meters tall, and we have a few smaller, younger ones. During the last two weeks of ripening we had to stop the chooks free-ranging on our side of the fence, as they started pecking them open. Must be we’re not only ones enjoying their fruits.

Pom - bush

So what do we do with pomegranates? At this stage, we just enjoy them fresh, that’s what!

Pom - enjoying

But of course you can do much more with them – juices, jams, deserts. Maybe we will do some of that next year.

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  1. I love pomegranate juice – used to drink it with a little beer and lemonade when I lived in France. I’m so pleased you can grow them – what an amazing climate you have!

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