B is for Broccoli

So we’re back at the beginning of the alphabet again. We planted three types of broccoli in the no-dig beds at Homeland a while ago, and now we’re enjoying the fruits (OK, the vegetables) of that labour. Mind you, I’m not sure whether the kids are “enjoying” the broccoli, but anyway, they get it fresh and healthy. Here’s how we do it.

This winter we planted Romanesco, Purple Sprouting and Waltham broccoli. We’re harvesting more Waltham at the moment, but it may just be a timing thing. They are all mixed in different beds, and were planted at different times. Slightly random, as we do things (although it is documented on our planning board.)

Broccoli 2

Brocolli - harvest

There are many ways you can do Broccoli – eat it raw, blanch it, steam it, sauteé it or roast it. Of course it can be used in soups too. We mostly just have it steamed. Easy, healthy and flavourful!

Broccoli 1

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