G is for Grapefruit

We’re currently in that weird time of the spring season, where most of the winter veggies are basically done, except for two beds of broad beans and peas. None of the summer veggies or fruits are anywhere near bearing yet. Fortunately we had a little surprise in the citrus orchard.

Citrus is not our best producing crop, apart from one lemon tree in the vegetable garden that bears almost constantly. However, we stubbornly persist, because we do like our citrus. When I heard grapefruit was good for my health, I planted four different grapefruits. These were all really young trees, and they are all still fighting for an existence between the winter frost, the dry summer heat, the ever-encroaching couch grass, the chooks scratching around them and whatever else nature throws at them.

GF - Patricia

The best growing one is a Grapefruit Wheeny, which is slightly tucked away behind the Homeland chook coop. Even though the tree is still very small, it bore one single humongous grapefruit. So we decided it was time for the taste test. Of course, we have it fresh – straight off the tree onto the breakfast plate. The kids add a bit of pure organic Cosman & Webb maple syrup (which I get from my good friend Scott at the Wood Smoke Gourmet.)

GF - Markus and maple

Yum, it was really good and tasty. Not too sour, not too bitter, just great fresh fare. I’m looking forward to a lot more wheenies in years to come!

GF - on plate

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