Tree lucerne harvest

A long, long time ago, in the month of June in the year of 2018 actually, I posted that we planted quite a lot of tagasaste tree-lets, in an attempt to increase the nitrogen content in our garden and soil. One reason was, we didn’t want to keep buying bags of lucerne for mulching and for layers of nitrogen rich material when we top up the no-dig beds.

Fast forward through the recent years of turmoil to present time, and those trees are now quite big – in fact some are way taller than me!

She’s a big one!

So when I was asked to get some mulch for the planned sunflower and pumpkin patch in the bottom corner of the garden, which Patricia and Beee had cleared very nicely, I knew it was time for a lucerne harvest of a different type.

Pumpkin and sunflower patch, with new rabbit-deterring fence-let

So armed with strong shears I scoured Dreamland, the driveway orchard, the little path next to the water tanks and a few other places where our best growing tagastes are to be found.

Tagasaste in the driveway orchard as a combined windbreak – soil enricher
Tagasate in the alley-way past the water tanks

I probably did about 8 wagon loads full, cranking up the chipper every two loads to mulch the medium to big branches. Voila! Now we have about 2 cubic meters of our own home-grown nitrogen-rich mulch. I’m quite interested to see how this project works out.


We probably have enough on the trees left over for another cubic meter or two when we do the beds getting ready for spring-time planting.

Hopefully I won’t go into another year long hiatus before I post an update how it all works out…

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  1. Long time B! Thanks for the compost post! Greatful for the NORMAL news about something normal!
    Blessings from Up Top

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