On this page we acknowledge all who inspire us to be on and continue with this journey.

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God our Heavenly Father – for, amongst many other unfathomable things, creating and maintaining this fascinating earth, with the plants, animals, soil, water, sun, air and for providing us with the growth in insight how to utilise these in a real and sustainable manner.





My family – Patricia, Markus and Micaela for living and sharing this dream with love and much joy.







My parents – my mother for cultivating the love for gardening, nature and plants in me, and my father for showing me what labour in love looks like.






Patricia’s parents – for supporting and encouraging our dream with all the love in the world, and when they visit here, rolling up their sleeves, getting dirty and jumping in with unbridled enthusiasm.



And then roughly in chronological order:

Salty dawg


Pierre “life is a garden – dig it” Jevon – for showing me the initial throws of a sustainable lifestyle, an edible garden, the love of gardening and for weaning me off single-fin surfboards for good and some really memorable surf trips and sessions.




Johan Reyneke of Reyneke Organic Wines – who have paved the way and is making enormous strides in farming organically and biodynamically, and making great wines in the process. Not shy with advice, a great “bra” all round and a cool surfer to top it all.




Graham and Engie Ward – our most welcoming and loving neighbours to the South, who accepted us with open arms and gently coaxed us to become partners at Lifeway. Graham is such a great farm bloke – advisor, tree grafter and donator of many trees, amazing plants, fruits and vegetables.


Gae and Pauline - inspirationGuy, Pauline and Adrien Limsowtin – our other welcoming and loving neighbours to the West, who not only sold Dreamland to us, but have become great friends and are graciously allowing and encouraging us to build and live our dream around them while they are still living there.


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