Of course, in this world it is not about what you know, but about who you know…

The following people and organisations have been helpful somewhere along the journey.


Chris Whitworth – graphic designer ( and master barista at The Little Teapot (who graciously keep all their coffee dregs for our compost heap)

Mal Heppel – landscape designer ( at DMS Landscapes

Pete the Permie – horticulturist / tree supplier at Telopea nursery (

Philip Sedgman – Living Water Flowforms (

Rex Bennett – Ascot Splicing & Supplies (

Scott Tucker – natural water guru, owner and consultant at Clearwater Lakes and Ponds (

William Horvath – Permaculture Blogger (william@permacultureapprentice)


Bells Beach (organic) Nursery (

Biodynamic Agriculture Australia (

Diggers Club (

Elcho Garden Supplies (

Kerr’s Hire (

Lifeway Christian Church (

Lou’s bloomin garden ( and

The Mulch Centre (Geelong) (

WellSpring Wesleyan Methodist Church (

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