Of course, in this world it is not about what you know, but about who you know. The following people and organisations have been helpful somewhere along the journey.


  • Products, solutions and a lot of information for supporting sustainable agriculture. Speak to Gerhard Grasser, he is passionate about what he does, and he knows a lot! Not shy to share his rich knowledge either. Good service, fair prices.

Bells Beach (Organic) Nursery

  • Speak to Brian or his son David for good advice and great friendly service. These guys can source whatever you want on the surf coast.

Biodynamic Agriculture Australia

  • Very good service, good advice, good biodynamic products. They go the extra mile to ensure their products are shipped the best and most economical way. They publish a quarterly newsletter called News Leaf, packed with information, case studies and stories.

Breakwater Metaland

  • Supplier of galvanised pipes and fittings, also castors, wheels, tow bars, etc. Good advice, good service, spot-on delivery too.

Chris Whitworth (graphic designer)

Country Link Rural Supplies

  • Great rural hardware store in Lara. Very helpful service, good pricing and excellent service. A little gem!

Diggers Club

  • Great source of organically grown and heritage seeds and seedlings. From time to time they good informative workshops too.

Elcho Garden Supplies

  • Great source of the freshest, moist organic mushroom compost. Real quick delivery too. Lots other services like landscaping materials, skip hire, etc.


  • Excellent supplier of everything net-related. Nets, zippers, clasps, etc. I talked to Mark. Great friendly service, customised to your needs – they don’t just sell the pre-packaged units. Very quick turn-around on orders.

Jochum Family Maintenance

  • Great father & sons family business that does about everything well – painting, woodwork, construction, bathroom renovation, the works. Amongst many other things, they installed beautiful permanent bird nets for us.

Kerr’s Hire

  • Any tool or equipment you need – good service, good advice and fair prices too.

Lifeway Christian Church – Lara

  • Speak to pastor Rob Chaney – he really takes a personal interest. He’s a masterchef too, I’m told. Beautiful family. Sarah manages The Little Teapot Café and Play – beautiful community-focused café tailored for young moms with kids.

Lou’s bloomin’ garden

Mal Heppel – DMS Landscapes

  • Landscape designer / engineer at DMS Landscapes
  • Arguably the most talented landscape designer and engineer we’ve ever worked with. Good eye for shape, form, colour and natural fit, with great ideas and amazing creativity. Hands-on, climbs in and gets the job done beautifully. Great family man.

Otway Indigenous Nursery

  • Speak to Nick Day the owner of the nursery – nothing about local plants and their growth habbits and roles in the garden that Nick doesn’t know about! Nice guy, very helpful, stoked surfer too.

Pest-Away Australia

  • Supplier of permanent bird nets – good service, good pricing, excellent turn-around on orders. Speak to Trevor – he makes sure you get what you need and he ensures the best and fastest and cheapest way to get it to you. Good quality strong flawless nets.

Pete the Permie – Telopea Nursery

  • Horticulturist / tree supplier at Telopea Nursery
  • Nothing about fruit trees this guy doesn’t know. From root stock, to climate suitability to seasonal influences. Amazing stock of heritage fruit and nut trees.

Philip Sedgman – Living Water Flowforms

Rex Bennett – Ascot Splicing & Supplies

  • For anything rope-related, Rex is your man – ladders, nets, climbing ropes, the works. Great service too. Aussie master cricketer.

Solair Group

  • Experts in agriculture, aquaculture and water quality management – suppliers of equipment and solutions that provide healthy water quality in ponds, lakes and dams. We received amazing after-sales service from Jordan, where they assisted us with trouble-shooting and providing replacement pumps until our solution worked 100%

The Mulch Centre (Geelong)

  • Great mulch, great topsoil. Quick delivery. Speak to Lee-Ann, she’ll set you right. Shaun maneuvers the trucks and delivers whatever you need into the most awkward places with a smile – precision engineer, he hasn’t come close to a single plant in a hundred difficult drop-offs; stoked long-boarder too.


  • Amazing collection of recycled wood – great for landscaping, furniture, you can build a beach house from all this stuff!

Water Quality Solutions
previously known as Clearwater Lakes and Ponds

  • Nothing about managing natural and grey water that Scott Tucker and his team doesn’t know – from swimming pools and small ponds to great lakes. Great service and after-sales service. Not shy to give good advice either.

Wayne Barry – Treecycle Tree Services

  • Very efficient tree surgeon, removal, mulching. Fair rates. Wayne really knows his trees.

WellSpring Wesleyan Methodist Church

William Horvath – Permaculture Apprentice


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