I offer the following services:

  • Environmental design for homes, acreages and public spaces using the permaculture approach (considering site capability, desired outcomes and sustainability requirements)
  • Courses, workshops, lectures and presentations on the practice of organic, biodynamic and permaculture approaches
  • Consulting on the implementation of organic, biodynamic and permaculture-based gardening and urban farming (approaches, techniques, materials)
  • Collaboration with landscape designers and contractors (to balance principles, outcomes and functions with aesthetics and practical implementation)
  • Small scale implementation (vegetable beds, food forests, bird nets, irrigation, duck ponds, composting, mulching)
  • Writing, presentation and teaching on all of the above – proposals, research papers, white papers, blog posts, articles

Please contact me at for more details including rates, timelines, options or proposals.

I hold a Permaculture Design Certificate (2018) from Good Life Permaculture in Tasmania. I have also completed courses on organic gardening and Biodynamics (hosted at the Diggers Club nursery), apple growing by Pete the Permie in Monbulk (2016) and a citrus masterclass by well known author Ian Tolley (2017).

I am a professional member of Permaculture Australia.


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