PDC Exchange

We are proud to be one of the founding members of the PDC Exchange, a collaborative permaculture design certificate (PDC) teaching initiative.

In short it is a modular multi-location internship-based PDC program where students can do their PDC by performing internships at various participating locations throughout the country. You can also combine this with other teaching initiatives you are also busy with. It is a very flexible program, so there are many options how the internships can be done, such as day-work, live-in, part-time, etc. You can also receive normal payment (in whichever form) for your classes.

The whole course is described on the PDC Exchange website (www.PDC-exchange.net) from where it is all managed. The scenarios page probably explains the concept best.

In terms of the scenarios, due to a recent disruption in our work schedule, we currently only offer the Beth and Cliff scenarios:

  • Beth lives close by, and she comes and works an agreed number of hours in exchange for her tuition. Most of her training is one-on-one, with a large practical component. She may do her whole PDC with us, or she may spread it between various teachers in the area.
  • Cliff also lives close by and wants to do a PDC with us, but he has a day job and a family to support, so he cannot spend enough hours working for his tuition. He makes an agreement with us to work a few hours every Saturday morning and to exchange some services, goods or money to cover the remaining part of his tuition. Like Beth, he can spread it between different teachers in the area.

When normality resumes itself (probably early in 2020), we will most likely offer a part-time or full-time PDC (depending on levels of interest), which will then open up to more scenarios being supported.

In the meanwhile, if you are interested please contact us at martin@muchmoremulch.blog to initiate a discussion.

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